Natural Toothpaste with extract calendula Ekolux

Natural Toothpaste with extract calendula Ekolux Natural Toothpaste with extract calendula Ekolux

Natural Toothpaste with extract calendula Ekolux- a natural, highly effective means for careful oral hygiene. The active system aerosil, kaolin, pectin apple absorbs plaque, prevents its formation, provides a delicate brushing surface without damaging emali.Osnovnoy active ingredient toothpaste - Extract of calendula flowers have strongly expressed antibacterial properties against many pathogens of oral diseases.

Extract of calendula flowers, belongs to the toothpaste Ekolyuks prevents the development of inflammatory processes, supports the oral mucosa in a healthy state, effectively combats pathogens, providing reliable protection against caries. Toothpaste preventive extract calendula flowers is perfect for everyday use.

Action Toothpaste with extracts of calendula flowers: effectively removes plaque, food residues, freshens breath, eliminates the unpleasant odor and prevents the formation of plaque, provides the health of the gums, prevents the appearance of inflammation, prevention of decay and periodontal disease.

In prophylactic toothpaste with extracts of calendula flowers contain only natural ingredients. Toothpaste Ekolyuks not contain synthetic substances. Not contains fluoride!

The ingredients of Natural Toothpaste with extract calendula Ekolux:
Glycerin - is made from vegetable ingredients (starch, wood flour), helping them to acquire the necessary toothpaste density and ductility, gives softness of toothpaste;
Aerosil - silica, a naturally occurring substance, a mild abrasive, its particles have a rounded shape and gently without scratching the enamel, remove plaque.
Kaolin (white clay) - a natural mineral that removes tartar, mineralizes periodontal tissue and strengthens tooth enamel and reduces the threat of caries, whitens teeth.
Apple Pectin - vegetable matter, used in the composition of toothpaste with calendula extract as a mild abrasive and natural sorbent, prevents the growth of pathogenic microflora in the oral cavity
Silicon hydroxide - naturally occurring substance adsorbent binds the contaminants present in the water.
Calendula extract - has anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, regenerating (healing), mild sedative effect. In dentistry used for gum disease, oral mucosa, periodontitis, stomatitis, gingivitis, oral candidiasis (thrush).
Xanthan - a naturally occurring substance, a natural thickener.
Xylitol - polyhydric alcohol, a natural sweetener, sugar substitute known to persons suffering from diabetes. Not being a carbohydrate, carbohydrate does not create plaque on the teeth, thereby preventing the proliferation of pathogens.

The main advantage of the toothpaste with calendula extract - its natural components. This is the first toothpaste Ukrainian production is completely natural composition.

Manufacturer: TM Ekolyuks, FOP Mozolevskaya
Ingredients Natural Toothpaste with extract calendula Ekolux: Glycerin, aerosil, kaolin, pectin, apple, silicon hydroxide, calendula flower extract, xanthan gum, xylitol, purified water
use: Apply Natural Toothpaste with extract calendula Ekolux on a damp toothbrush, carefully brush your teeth and gums, and then thoroughly rinse the mouth
Contraindications: people with sensitivity to the individual components of the formulation
Packaging: tube 100 ml
Shelf life: 24 months
Certificate: TU U 20.4-2833113285-001: 2012

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