The Ekolux trademark

The Ekolux trademark is production from natural raw materials excluding chemical additives and preservatives. The technologies used in Ekolyuks products combine traditional production, modern knowledge and technologies, as well as recreate forgotten canons of natural and organic production. In 2011, Ekolyuks TM launched the production of two series of organic products - handmade cream-balms based on beeswax and body oils based on green walnuts. Ekolyuks TM restores the culture of consumption of organic products in everyday life, changes people's ideas about a familiar product. TM "Ekolyuks" proves how simple it is to improve the quality of everyday life, and give your loved ones warmth and care through simple things.
Natural production, organic traditions. We are for handicraft!
We combine ancient recipes, the best Slavic and Vedic traditions for body care with the achievements of the 21st century. TM "Ekolyuks" is the owner of proprietary technologies that allow the most efficient use of old organic recipes. We are reviving forgotten recipes for creams, shampoos, balms.
We do not use chemical and synthetic substances, improvers, flavorings and preservatives, so widespread in the cosmetics industry, in the products of Ekolyuks. Our products contain only natural and organic ingredients.
By releasing high-quality organic products, we sometimes sacrifice shelf life, sometimes appearance (color, smell, packaging) - but you can be completely sure that this is a 100% organic and natural product.
 Every day we prove the quality of our products.
TM "Ekolyuks" works only with reliable suppliers of organic raw materials, plus we have our own raw material base. We select the raw materials of the best European suppliers (Germany, Austria).
We work on the most modern equipment, while some of the lines from our range are made by hand - this is the only way to get the unique quality of our products.

We always care about our customers.

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